Wellness Interview Methods

Researchers agree that wellness is multi-dimensional, so we individually interviewed stakeholders in the workshop partnership about their occupational, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual wellness. These interviews occurred during our August 2017 site visit over a time of twenty or thirty minutes each. Interviews were conducted in English or translated to English from Twi or Ga and were transcribed on-site by the researcher as the interview was occurring.

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Analysis of Spiritual Wellness

  1. The workshop fosters meaningful human connection and a shared purpose.
  2. Workers take pride in the unique tie-dye products they make and talk about them with friends and community members.
  3. The manager and several of the workers find purpose in sharing their knowledge and expertise with community members in-need.
  4. The pursuit of self-reliance is a source of purpose and meaning for workers, and some view being self-reliant as a social impact because it reduces their dependence on others.
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